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The Founders of NUWI® Quinoa Smoothie

Our company was founded by a group of friends who believe that with passion, curiosity, and imagination you can achieve whatever you desire. Fearlessly determined to make pure, organic food products in a responsible and sustainable way, we decided to create a nutritious gluten free vegan healthy snack for people like ourselves who continually seek balance in mind, body and spirit.

Inspired by dreams of transforming everyday life into something better, we left the corporate world behind to pursue a more harmonious way of living and working. We push ourselves to the limit in search of beauty and truth because we believe that the path to achieving greater balance includes treating everyone fairly, and making nutritious vegan options available for people to enjoy.

In our search for a healthy snack – our Quinoa Smoothie – we were inspired by the nutritional wisdom of the ancient grain called quinoa. We spent a long time developing and testing quinoa-based recipes, and finally came up with our ideal formula for a perfect, healthy snack – the Quinoa Smoothie.

The NUWI® Quinoa Smoothie fulfills our dream of using quinoa in a pure, natural way that leads to a healthy, balanced diet. Because we believe that making wise choices about nourishing your body is key to health and wellbeing.

– Gabriel Poblet Maristany, Co-Founder

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